I put together this site, well, paid the rent on the space, so that I could have a place to try out new ideas, put together some personal work, and, well, play.

The site is public. Pretty much everything here is available as source files. If you find something useful, even better. If you find something that interests you, or something that you can improve on, let me know.

Material will appear, and then, possibly, disappear. Some of the work will change over time. Some work will seem to be in suspended animation.

This page is an ajax exercise. I wanted to build a page that used some effects from various ajax libraries. I also wanted to build the page using CSS and without tables.

I originally did the reflection effect using the reflection.js, from ajaxcompilation. While it worked fine on this page, I had a problem with a conflict with corner.js, most likely because this script uses a different reflection.js. I switched to mootools, and all is well.

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